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Roberto brought the young girl to Mexico City where she was adopted by Miguel and Mónica, who gave her the new name Luna, after the locket she wore around her neck In her free time, she loves to speed skate around Cancún, which makes her feel free and uninhibited Matteo jumps in and saves her from drowning, making Ámbar jealous and solidifying her hate towards Luna

La mejor oferta de ambar de soy luna sin maquillaje

She is introduced to freestyle skating at Jam & Roller, a form of skating that puts dancing on wheels She meets her new best friend Nina Simonetti here and receives a new job as a rink assistant from Tamara At an Open Music, Matteo even replaces Ámbar with Luna as his singing partner when Ámbar fails to show up on time Matteo, Simón, and Luna are paired together by chance, which creates many arguments between the trio, as Simón is still furious at Matteo At the venue, Matteo meets up with Luna to say his goodbyes before leaving the country with his family Despite all of this, she yearns for the acceptance of her peers and most importantly, her godmother

La mejor oferta en ambar de soy luna sin maquillaje

Even though Ámbar often does things out of selfishness, it is shown multiple times that deep down she has a good heart and is able to show genuine kindness to other people Right before the events of the show, Ámbar had been vacationing in New York with her godmother and Rey Sharon is able to bury the incident, but refuses to let Ámbar study in Paris after graduating as a consequence of her actions Simón decide cantar la canción de Música en ti; y mientras mira a Ámbar y también lo mira pero nerviosa desvia la mirada como si no le estuviera pasando nada con el

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